It's just all a big hullabalo...about nothing!??

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Of Royalty and Spring

So Spring break is done (long sigh)...gone too soon I should say but oh well, it can only mean one thing. The end of the year is near!!!! Yippee...and that in itself can mean again, only one thing, home is fast approaching!! Double Yippee..Very excited about that, very very excited I must say. This is because of a single and profound reason I would like to call my love affair with the country I call home.
But before I go off topic, like I usually tend to do, let me break down my Spring break bit by bit for you. It has been quite eventful in many ways and very uneventful in others. So to kick this off, my parents are in the vicinity. Yes, the last time, it was just the King but this time he came with his Queen too. And if you thought I had love for the word! I have another form of adoration and loads of devotion for the woman that God allowed me to have for a mother. The Queen is another breed of woman I tell you, and I know a lot of people have A LOT to say about their own mothers but I can’t express how much respect and affection I feel for her. As she always says “God knows His people”, and indeed God knew this person and therefore knew exactly what He was doing when He made her the King’s wife and our mother. There is no other person who could have done a better job. I am not exaggerating or anything, I am only giving credit where it is due, which is not even half of what the Queen deserves.
Anyway, so the Queen escorted her King on a mission here, that I will choose not to disclose, but I’ll just say that this mission was not made in vain, it is bearing fruit everyday and even as I type this. Thanks to a lot of helping hands. This is only the tip of the eventful iceberg but I’ll leave it at that with the vague intention of being elusive and mysterious (something I am terribly bad at- I am such an open book). So to move to the uneventful part of my break, goosssshhh...I have been cooped up in the house too too long!! My skin tone is the biggest give away and am not saying that I am that light skinned, but honestly, I think I’ve gone a few tones lighter since the 29th. But not to worry, I let it all out last Saturday night at a friend’s birthday party. In a bid to make things clear about that night (and many others- past and future), just because I call my folks the King and the Queen, doesn’t exactly make me royalty (naughty smirk).